Indigenous Engagement

Culinary Skills

The School of Indigenous Education (SIE) at RRC Polytech runs a one-year certificate program in culinary skills for students of Indigenous ancestry. During this course, students learn the fundamentals needed for a career in the food service industry, including culinary techniques, in-depth food knowledge and introductory business skills.

Indigenous cultural content is included throughout the curriculum. The program also includes a four-month paid co-op work placement. Students in the program can transfer to the two-year RRC Polytech’s Culinary Arts program after the first year.

The one-year certificate program is fast-paced and jam-packed to ensure students receive all necessary skills before graduating.

Prairie Research Kitchen works closely with the School of Indigenous Education to identify opportunities for students and communities to collaborate on projects related to food and agriculture. In the future, program development will also be guided by conversations around food entrepreneurship and community development.

SIE’s Social Innovation and Community Development program helps students develop practical skills and work experience needed for employment in socio-economic development and environment-related roles during their first year. The second year presents options for students to specialize in community development or Indigenous social entrepreneurship. Combined with culinary talent and PRK resources, these skills may soon start yielding the next wave of up-and-coming Indigenous food entrepreneurs.