Our People, Our Recipes

Prairie Research Kitchen Employee Recipes

Since its inception, the PRK team’s core values include: enthusiasm for the food industry, creating value for stakeholders, respectful communication, and a commitment to inclusion and diversity.

Just as great ingredients work together to produce the perfect dish, our people bring together a variety of backgrounds, experiences and skill sets to serve up successful projects for our clients and work experiences for our students.

Our diversity is one of our greatest strengths, and so is the love we all share for great food. As a workplace, Prairie Research Kitchen is the envy of many thanks to our team-building potlucks and surprise snacks, where we share our latest creations, favourite finds, and cherished family recipes.

Now we share some of those with you. In this chapter, each member of our team contributes a favourite recipe: either one they created during their time at PRK, or a personal favourite from another source.

It is important to acknowledge that our achievements over the past eight years would not have been possible without the support of an entire team dedicated to our success. Many people took a chance on Prairie Research Kitchen and our unique blend of culinary research and student learning. A shout-out to RRC Polytech’s past and present senior leadership teams, marketing and communications department, and all the employees and students who joined us along the way, including the chef instructors and research chefs who contributed to building our program. Thank you for contributing your talents to complement ours.